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Flushing Dentist

Where can I find a Flushing Dentist?

If dental disease, traumatic injury, or other health conditions have led to the loss of teeth and jaw bone, there is still a lot that can be done to reestablish your smile. To receive the compassionate care of a Flushing dentist well trained in an extensive repertoire of restorative and implant techniques, contact the team at Kesner Family Dental. From crowns and bridges to implants and dentures, we offer the treatment options necessary to restore the appearance and functionality of your smile. Our team of experienced dentists employ the most advanced technology and techniques for the benefit of our patients and are committed to delivering the highest quality care.

Flushing Dentist

At Kesner Family Dental, you can be confident that you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. After examining your condition, our Flushing dentist will put together a personalized treatment plan that will re-establish your oral health. For patients suffering from extensive tooth loss or those deemed ineligible for implants, dentures are an excellent and effective treatment option. Partial and full dentures can be custom fabricated to fit the unique dimensions of your mouth. In cases where all or most of the teeth are missing or need to be replaced on the upper or lower jaw, complete dentures can restore a highly functional bite. Full dentures also provide support to the lips and the cheeks to keep your facial contours looking their best. When there are healthy teeth remaining on the upper and lower jaw, a partial denture or bridge may be suitable for restoring your smile. These are secured by clasps which attach to neighboring teeth for increased stability.

At Kesner Family Dental, we have established ourselves as your family-friendly Flushing dentist for patients of all ages by providing every patient with the highest levels of personalized care. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call our office today?

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